In the Ava Day Gallery, Ava Day Art Gallery you will see a collection, collections, of, contemporary, visionary, expressionistic, expressionist, landscapes and skies. In and, this New York City female artist paints in archival oil paint onto canvas, linen, or wood, oil paint on canvas, oil paint on linen, oil paint on wood, stretched canvas, gessoed canvas. We also see the influence of modernism, surrealism, impressionism, pointillism and luminism. Ava Day is a professional oil paint artist. In her one man shows, one man shows, one-woman shows, one woman shows, one- person shows, one person shows. group shows, exhibitions, each piece is skillfully painted with quality archival oil paints, custom framed and reasonably priced. Many oil paintings use gold leaf, copper leaf, or silver leaf, and they are framed in wood and many are mounted on wood. Paintings are varnished and are easy to care for and clean and have a very long lifespan. It is necessary to remember not to keep them in direct sunlight. These archival paintings, using archival paint and products will become an important part of your estate and can be handed down through generations. , and have already more that tripled in value. Ava Day, ava day art American figurative artist paints in an expressionist, expressionistic style, manner. Some of the paintings have 3 D, 3-D, three-dimensional elements and are conceptual. These have a surrealist, surrealistic, super real quality and are also idyllic, ideal, conceptual, lyrical and conceptual. The Art of Ava Day, ava day art, avaday, avadayart is luminous, serene, spiritual, visionary, visionary expressionist. And conceptual. This professional female oil paint artist, has been selling work for 20 years in New York, in the United States, mostly in New York City, SoHo, NoHo, downtown east side midtown, the South Bronx at Fashion Moda and at the World Trade Center. She has also shown her work internationally, in Canada, Spain and in Eastern Europe. Please see her list of exhibitions, shows, bio, and biography. In reviews you will see art criticism, art critics, art reviews. In exhibitions you will see shows, one man shows, one-man shows, one-woman shows, one woman shows, one- person shows, one person shows, group shows. Her colors are brilliant, glowing, saturated. Ava Day’s paintings are illusionary, dream like, dream-like, a dream, a vision, a visionary experience, a spiritual experience, a spiritual moment. These works of art are brilliant examples of contemporary art, and conceptual art. In Ava Day’s figurative art, figurative oil paintings, trees stand in for people or humans, human beings. She has created her own world with her own vocabulary, the poetry of light and color. Ava Day is an accomplished New York artist working in a blending of contemporary and traditional styles. She paints with archival oil paints in a gestural manner onto linen, canvas or wood. She is a painter of dream landscapes, a highly suggestive art, rendered with an intensity of color. Her subjects include trees, fields, glens, grasslands, fields, skies, horizon lines, bodies of water, shadows, and light. The art of Ava Day expresses inner experience. Art as an idea made concrete through imagery, abstracting ideas from circumstances and condensing them in an image. Her paintings bridge a gap between depiction of inner conflict, and at the same time reveal a moment that stopped, forever. In Ava Day’s landscapes there is an attempt to restore our sacred connection to the earth. As civilization wanes, nostalgia spreads like a mist, allowing only glimpses of thickets, trees or skies. An undeniable presence appears, as the underlying vibrancy of life is made visible and reinforces our sense of oneness with the worlds of spirit and nature. All things are invested with symbolic meaning, expressing the invisible or intangible, revealing immaterial or ideal states. Always concerned with the human condition her work looks beyond our mundane circumstances, towards a spiritual stirring for enlightenment. My paintings are landscapes in flux, punctuated by change. They represent memory, subconscious thoughts, discovery and observation. I see human drama reflected in nature. My trees and clouds are anthropomorphic forms, representing relationships. They lean against each other like lovers, friends. Branches cross, tangle, push, repel, or flee .Color is the spiritualized atmosphere; the painting’s intuitive, emotional life. The color is generally high keyed and active with affinities to the spiritualism of the romantic era, giving them a feeling of nostalgia, or time lost, combined with chemical qualities found in contemporary art. There is also reference to Luminism, but my approach carries the genre from representing a romanticized version of the world to an expression of a private, inner world. My mission is to invent a world, personal and autobiographic, narratives in which the viewer is invited to enter in and create meaning. My paintings are charged with the sense of the fleeting moment. I believe these paintings have a physical depth as well as spiritual. One can look into them, much like looking into a deep pond, or into one’s own soul. Architecture of Joy is the title of a group of Conceptual artworks by Ava Day in which the sculptural framings are as much a part of the piece as the stage and stage-set would be a part of a play or performance. The frame stands as a portal, or invitation to a vision or memory, be it painful, beautiful, or hopeful. She describes her work as fragments of dreams, fantasies, or moments in time. She describes an interest in the mind’s ability to organize and sublimate the two-dimensional space of the canvas as theater into which the drama of a moment can be pressed. The artist Ava Day paints the inner vision. With a feeling for nature, her works seem charged with associations. She defines her work as Visionary Expressionism, an intimate, personal art. They are also Metaphysical, in that they relate to the transcendent, to a reality beyond that which is perceptible to the senses, full of an invented symbolism. Spirituality animates many of the works, images paired down to their most eternal elements, exalting the mysterious, aiming to unify art and the senses. They evoke memory, the persistence of dreams in the face of reality, dreams that manifest content. Dreams, truer than other aspects of life, lead to a highly suggestive vagueness. She describes her paintings as a pictorial arrangement of the psychical under which lies a profound concealed truth. She creates at times a disquieting melancholic longing, or a sense of foreboding, evoking inner tumult, hidden beneath an eloquent exterior, giving life to simple natural scenes, whether humble or magical. Ava Day’s work attempts to restore purity and sincerity and often with an irresistible sense of whimsy. She believes that there is a need for silence; a silence that restores meaning. An art of quietude, rooted in terrains of silence, causing us to listen to the innerness of our beings, reconciling nature with contemporary life. Her paintings speak of poetry, not because of literary themes or verses, but because they present images with a poet’s eye or ear. The painting of an idea delving below narrative and even below consciousness, but full of the beauty and terror of life: conversations with the soul, with a wild note of longing. These themes interweave so that yearning and religion, destiny and eternity, symbol and idea, all become one.